Warm places in USA

Everyone wants to spend their vacations in a very different place. Our family wants to spend their holidays and purchase tour packages even in December month for the Christmas festival. How to get the best and cheapest places, budget, security and so on? Do you want to know which one places will be best, so we have taken out the top 10 warm places to visit in December in the USA?


Hawaii is a wonderfully warm place and there are weather all-time 80C warm. While evening temperature, warm gets low 60C almost in the afternoon and the evening times. Hawaii’s place is a beautiful warm location and its big island. Even in December, the month is a big crowd here, because this month is a great festival for all people celebrate Christmas. Whose people came, enjoying and celebrates the Christmas festival. It will be so many rides like super electrical boats, suffering in the river. Hawaii state is a tourist hub place and cheapest likes Hotels, Restaurants, Guest-Houses alone with pantry. And so many varieties to eat, drinks and all-time day-night environment. So there is gratefully heart and feeling so many great. I would like to suggest my friends and colleges, once time to visit Hawaii state in the USA for a vacation in December the month.


Florida State is economically and also tourists place in the USA.  And a great festival for all people celebrates Christmas. Whose people came and enjoyed the celebrations at the Christmas festival. Florida is an average temperature of 13 degrees celsius. Florida’s location is part of central Florida beaches. Here there is light rain and the weather is warm, But the condition is comfortable or the environment so funny, cool and easier to walk anywhere. It will be the best place in December month.


California is the biggest state in the USA. There is a weather minimum of 14 degrees Celsius and a maximum of 19 degrees celsius. And almost sea temperature around 16 degrees callous. That in case, the temperature is warm and proper suits be prepared to go swimming in the river, Swimming pool. There are an average raining six days. And take an umbrella because there is a higher chance of the shower. And 70 percent around still have good sunny weather.so the dress is proper full sleeves, especially at night. Because of temperature changes at night. It the best place for tourists.


This state is called the old west town state and it would have old cultures showing like Dress code, Folk, Dance and so on. Even the December Christmas celebrates local people and also tourists have participated in this festival. And a lot of enjoyment, swimming and so on. There is an average temperature of 65 and tourists take swimming, Super Boats, eats, drinks whatever you can go relax and enjoy these movements. 


Texas state is based on the Energy and Technology sectors. That’s why Taxax state fourth largest state in the USA. There is a temperature so mild and there are short days and long nights. That’s why tourists do come and also provide low rates according to your budget. you are going to NRG Stadium and watch football matches and also participate in cultures like Dance, folk and so many activities in the Texas town city. And the December weather, It is a minimum temperature of 9 degrees Celsius and maximum temperature of 18 degrees celsius. So it will become warm weather days and nights become low. Therefore tourists do come and join their beaches and so on.


Georgia State is a warm average temperature of 13 degrees celsius and very warm afternoon time and rains times of 7 degrees celsius. Generally,  there are so many beaches small island and low rates hotels available.so many beneficial places in December. 


Louisiana state average warm of 15 degrees celsius and falling snow weather down of 9 degrees celsius. So that Louisiana place very warm and interesting beaches and low rates hotels, Guest-house and so on. There is rain within weeks, within months and not months. That’s why tourists do come and join to beaches, swimming pool and take snacks, drinks and become real relax feel and good environment there. Even in December month tourist hub converted place.


Nevada place has an average temperature of 18 degrees celsius. It will be during rain falling temperature down 7 degrees celsius. That’s why people choose Nevada state.

Puerto Rico

It has also an average warm of 19 degrees celsius.  It has been a six-hour sunny day and evening time temperature down of 6 degrees celsius. there are small -small hills and islands. That most of the people come and time sped of routines holiday.

South Carolina

South Carolina beaches are the average temperature of 56-degree Fahrenheit. And the average temperature of 17-degree celsius. Most of the warm places in the USA.these beaches are very attractive and wonderful images on the ground. Low rate of hotels, restaurants, and guest-houses with eats, drinks. That’s why people more than visiting in December months.


It has provided the best and cheapest place and also gets security facilities with a family tour in the USA. And get the right guidelines and time to the information sharing peoples and suggestions. Last think all the 10 states very good for holiday, summer vacation and even in December month.

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